Louisiana Radio Network: New Orleans Farmer running for Agriculture Commissioner

A New Orleans vegetable and flowers farmer enters the race for agriculture commissioner. Marguerite “Margee” Green is running as a Democrat. Green says she’s running because there are barriers that keep small and midsize farmers from becoming successful.

“Even our best supported farms and our most talented farmers struggle to make a living growing food for our state and in south Louisiana we feel the effects most,” said Green.

Green is an LSU graduate and has been farming professionally for just over ten years.  On the topic of medical cannabis, Green says the current administration has been very limiting by throwing up lots of red tape, adding it hurts those that want the product as well as the farmers who could benefit from it.

“As a person who is always thinking about farmers, what we can do is create a really robust industry where farmers can grow cannabis and help make those ends meet, help make themselves more economically viable,” said Green.

When it comes to the topic of climate change, Green says significant changes need to be made and she doesn’t think that the state has the time to have another administration sleep on the issues related to agriculture industry.

“Being stewards of the environment, I think we can make a huge positive change in this state and I also really believe that we could be a model for this entire country,” said Green.

Green becomes the second Democrat to challenge Republican Ag Commissioner Mike Strain in this election cycle.  Natchitoches Parish farmer Charlie Greer is also running. The primary is October 12.

MArgueritE Green