Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner candidate wants to legalize recreational cannabis

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June 18th, 2019

Fox News 15

A woman running for Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner says she’ll work to legalize recreational cannabis.

Marguerite Green made a stop in Lafayette today to talk about her platform. She says she wants to re-examine nonviolent drug-related offenses, improve Louisiana’s economy and elevate the small farmer.

“For years and years now I’ve been working as a farmer, and thinking ‘gosh this is really hard, I wonder if I’m alone in this’, and then I met this amazing community of farmers who really works together, and there have been so many key players out of South Louisiana working together in the same space.” “At ADN we realize we all have the same needs.”

Green’s currently working to get enough signatures to put her name on the October ballot.

MArgueritE Green